What do you desire?

  • To live without pain and discomfort?
  • To use your body to its highest potential?
  • Greater comfort while sleeping?
  • Recover a lost skill?
  • Improve posture?
  • Better Balance?
This movement system helps you by finding the connection between your brain and your body which allows these desires to become possible. 


This movement system is based on sound principles of physics, neurology and physiology, and the conditions under which the nervous system learns best.

You have amazing potential for better movement.

About Angela.

I help you get your brain & body working in sync. By bringing awareness into your movements enables your system to find harmony in the skeletal, muscular and nervous system.

You will discover better movement, alignment, flexibility and strength.

I don't fix, I teach.

No End to Improvement

For those of us that use our bodies for our job. We have an obligation to ourselves to stay conditioned. Any discomfort and pain that may start to creep into our bodies, threatens our livelihood. This method enables you to stay in touch with your body so you can continue to perform at your best.

Angela McMillan Dance Teacher and Feldenkrais Practitioner